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Growth in urban population, industrial activity, and tourism continue to surpass infrastructural capacity to handle waste. The lack of integrated and efficient waste management systems has resulted in a large informal sector with detrimental ad hoc practices to limited land area. This has become an increasingly debilitating environmental issue for the young island nation of Jamaica.

Ecowells Ltd strives for ecological and economic integration where the concept of waste disappears and is replaced by collecting material inputs and incorporating them in processes that create value for society. Through a wwww to waste management dependent on several innovative recycling techniques, we actively aim to change the paradigm of waste management for developing island nations by creating a scalable model for converting organic waste into marketable products throughout the Caribbean.

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Ecowells Ltd was conceptualized as a project to facilitate its parent company in improving its Source Separated Organic waste disposal system, reducing its waste disposal costs and reducing its impact on the environment. As a result Ecowells Ltd was officially founded in September 2007, as the organic recycling arm of Canco Ltd, one of the Island’s largest ackee processors. Ecowells Ltd became the 1st commercial composting company in Jamaica.

Since then we have established a model facility for composting and organics recycling, located ¼ mile from Canco Ltd, in York, St. Thomas. The facility is in the heart of the parish’s rich countryside, in proximity to many agro-processors, farmers, and farmers’ markets.

Currently, we redirect over 3000 cubic yards per year of organic inputs from agro-processors, farmers markets, and roadside cleanup efforts. This is 3000 cubic yards of organic debris that would have been dumped in the landfill! This is now being recycled via Aerobic Windrow Composting, into a value-added product known as our “Soil Conditioner Compost”. Other value added products are currently being developed to utilize our organic inputs more efficiently using an integrated variety of natural methods including: vermicomposting, fermentation and extraction.