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The lack of integrated, efficient and environmentally friendly waste management systems in Jamaica has led to the inception of Ecowells. Since then, Ecowells has been dedicated and determined to protect Jamaica’s fragile environment. Learn how Ecowells became the 1st Commercial Composter in Jamaica and a leader in environmentally friendly waste management by viewing a timeline of our history.

  • Between 2002-2003, Canco Ltd conducted compost research and tests with the Scientific Research Council (SRC) and UWI Centre for Environment & Development (UWICED).
  • In 2004 the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA ) produced a farm plan for 24 acres of land leased by Canco Ltd.
  • Canco Ltd partnered with the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) to conduct ackee waste composting experiments.
  • The Coffee Industry Board (CIB) donated California Red Wiggler worms (Eisenia Fetida) for vermiculture experiments.
  • All of Canco's organic waste is diverted to the leased land and composting experiments begin with various composting systems.
  • In September, Ecowells Ltd was formed and hired a farm manager and 3 employees.
  • Collected and processed Canco’s organic ackee waste to compost (using windrow processes) for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 program.
  • The resulting compost was tested by the Rural Physical Planning Division (RPPD) and yielded results similar to a high-nutrient organic fertilizer.
  • Received technical support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Farmer 2 Farmer program grant, which was aimed at improving the existing industrial composting activity being practiced. Other partners for this program included: Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries (Jamaica), and the Maine Compost School. Aerobic windrow composting was selected as the preferred composting system.
  • Managing director/owner, Bronson McDonald, attended the Maine School of Compost. He received Certification on compost production and utilization.
  • Tested compost products in local (RPPD, SRC) and foreign labs (University of Maine).
  • Selected as an implementation partner in the Jamaica Farmers Access to Regional Markets (JAFARMS) program funded by the USAID. Worked with the Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute (CARDI) in a Callaloo Cage Commercialization project. Awarded two Callaloo exclusion cages to test integrated pest management and compost utilization.
  • Rebranded and came out with new Logo and Slogan.
  • Developed Packaging for the first commercial product "Soil Conditioner Compost."
  • Registered with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO).
  • Awarded seed funding through the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ).
  • Established of a 7-acre test plot for compost utilization and a 3-acre compost production facility
  • Launched 1st product "Soil Conditioner Compost."
  • Partnered with Canco Ltd and SRC in product development.
  • Enters 3 stores on the local market.
  • Launched 1st Marketing and Sales campaign.
  • Featured in the ECCO magazine, "Turning Trash into Cash" April issue.
  • Sponsored and presented at the Green Your biz conference.
  • Attended the Green Expo and was awarded the Most Environmentally Friendly Company in the Private Sector Award.
  • Awarded the Jamaica Environmental Action Award (JEAA) for Waste Management by the Jamaica Environment trust (JET).
  • Attended the Denbigh Agricultural show.
  • Entered 3 new stores on local market.
  • Introduced new bag size - 60 lbs for the export market.
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